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Premium Grade Kava


tested for quality and taste


  • “I get perfectly how standard kava should taste like; the one at Kavalink is just perfect. Not the moderate bitterness, but a moderate one and the very fresh smell too, Thanks Kavalink for such great taste.”

    Anne Albert
  • “Kava from Kavalink surely helped me through the anxiety periods that I had. Its fresh smooth and earthy flavour was unique and incomparable. After just a few shells full I started to feel as if mother earth was washing all my anxiety away. Thank you for re connecting me with nature. Thumbs up!!! “

  • Thumbs up to Kavalink’s Kadavu Premium Kava. Simply The best Fiji has to offer… taste the difference.

    Malakai R
  • Based on personal experience, all the other available products on the market can't compare to Kavalink's Premium Kadavu Kava. This is a top shelf, choice product. Very smooth and potent, sun dried and pressure treated. Approved by health Canada, and packed in Canada. Since using this kava, it has relieved my throat and stomach pain, due to its numbing effect and helped me to get of my addictions. Excellent customer service, Shalendra was great; he will guide you through his vast knowledge, culture and experience. I will gladly order again.

    Joel H