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About us

Kavalink is the very best solution to all your anxiety, stress and an entry into a healthy life. Adherence to high standards of quality control which is a must for consumer safety, Kavalink uses the Vertically Integrated Quality control system from pre planting to final packaging and by also adapting to the Fiji Kava manual which is a remarkable statement of the right quality control procedure to enjoy the perfect kava. At Kavalink, we are more than just refining and distributing, we take on kava as a secret and sacred formula that requires us to conduct hefty research and investment into it right from the pre-plantation to the packaging. Our belief is quality over anything, and that’s what has helped us stand tall and revive the kava industry in today’s modernized world. From the island kava to our packages, the taste is unique and a class apart, and that’s precisely what makes us the Kavalink – a link between the traditional and modern.

Our Mission

Our mission is to get right on top in kava industry which is obviously by delivering you the authentic, original and traditional kava that’s been lost along the years.

Our Values

We have worked through the years and strived to get the best formula for a superior tasting kava range, and this has been made possible based on our values on honesty, integrity, and cultural adherence to the product and its origin.

We strive to reach excellence in becoming the most trusted source for your kava supply, by ongoing research and development and by educating and aiding our kava farmers for a better and higher quality farming of our kava product

Our Quality

"From our farms in Fiji to your home….a natural gift of happiness and a relaxed state of mind… enjoy kava and you will enjoy life"

Working with the Ministry of Agriculture Fiji, we identify quality kava farmers in the Islands of Kadavu and Moala to be contracted with Kavalink Fiji. Officers from these 2 islands help source the matured kava which is first cleaned and sun dried at the source then brought to the processing plant in Suva, Fiji Islands where it is again checked for quality and pressure washed (the second wash) until its free form any soil and again sun dried to a 12 % moisture. THE CLEAN ROOTS are then pulverized using hammer mill to a medium grind kava powder and a final drying is done to ensure its shelf life. Finally, it is packed and shipped to Canada for repacking labeling and testing according to Health Canada requirements. In Canada, our kava is tested for kava chemo type, kava lactones, kava variety, microbiology test and heavy metals to ensure safety and quality. When the results are all good then only it is packed and labelled. Testing and packing done at a laboratory (in accordance with Health Canada Requirements) in Richmond, British Columbia. KAVALINK USES the Vertically Integrated Quality control system from pre planting to final packaging

KAVALINK USES the Vertically Integrated Quality control system from pre planting to final packaging

Quality Controlled

100% Natural

Lab Tested

Certified 100% Noble Kava