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Waka Kava

Waka Kava

Sip The Warmth And Relish The Goodness Of The Loa Waka Kava

With Kava dominating the Fijian culture, it was obvious to dig deeper and trace out the possible varieties of this beverage so that people could have more flavorful options. Intense research and the strong dedication of the experts in the field have led to the introduction of distinct types, including Waka Kava and Loa Waka Kava.

Both of these varieties are prized among the masses for their potency and purity; thus, we are here at Kavalinks to ensure you are just a click away from ordering the most authentic Kava drinks.

Read on to learn What Is Waka Kava, its effects, and more.

Waka Kava And Loa Waka Kava- The Highlighting Point

Both these types of Kava stand out from the rest of the options because of their high kavalactone content, resulting in vigorous effects after a few sips. Another common thing between them is that these are extracted from the lateral roots of the Piper methysticum plant.

The differentiating factor lies in the method of processing that impacts the taste and effects. Waka Kava undergoes the traditional processing of kneading the Kava root in water to extract its psychoactive compounds. Contrarily, Loa Waka Kava goes a step ahead and involves meticulous processing and rigorous quality control measures.

While “waka” denotes water, “loa” means long or tall in the local Fijian language.

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